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Kareem Elmashad is a tech entrepreneur & hospitality consultant expert.


Kareem is founder & CEO of RSRVIT the leading restaurant reservations system.


Kareem was part of consultations team for more than 136 restaurants in Dubai, Hong Kong & Ukraine.

Kareem's latest blog, articles & interviews:

My Story

Kareem Elmashad is a daring Egyptian entrepreneur who has already made his mark on the global technology scene with IamDubai, an app he created to reinvent the way customers interact with their local restaurants. Born in Egypt and raised in Dubai, he is no stranger to the hospitality industry and has been a player in it since he was a teenager.

Kareem’s latest project is RSRVIT- Reserve It, a restaurant-reservations system with a twist. This groundbreaking technology has already been featured on Forbes, where Kareem discussed his experience and journey as an entrepreneur. The innovative app allows customers to reserve a table at restaurants with a simple click or tap, providing convenience, faster turn-arounds, and customization. RSRVIT-Reserve It is rapidly expanding to other countries across the world with major names such as Google, Apple, and Uber leading the charge.

Aside from his innovation and business, Kareem is an avid supporter of the hospitality industry and serves on the boards of several hotel companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and beyond. He is passionate about developing technology that seamlessly integrates into existing practices to revolutionize the customer experience. His commitment to enhancing customer satisfaction is admirable and an example to us all.

Kareem’s entrepreneurship journey has been a remarkable gift to the hospitality industry, and we look forward to seeing him continue to innovate and make a lasting impact.

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Tech Entrepreneur & Hospitality Consultant Expert.