An Idea

I am Kareem Elmashad Founder & CEO of (I am Dubai), a twenty seven years old on a mission to reach my highest potential in the shortest amount of time possible. There is something about this thing called potential that I am completely obsessed with. Quite frankly too many people do not maximize their time, energy. Having realized this I’ve therefore dedicated my life to inspiring others to make the most out of their life.

I am Dubai is a Mobile App that allows models and social media influencers to partner up with restaurants & brands, enabling them to receive benefits in exchange for hyping up the restaurants & brands on social media .

It is all about future trend research identifying what will be hot in the near and long term future. You have to do your research is the only answer, competition, market, trends, it is all part of the process to decide what business to start. I have been social media expert for few years, I saw how restaurants & brands getting in touch with influencers & models in a random or unorganized way, so from here the idea came up to make a platform for both of them where they can meet up and reach the target with terms & conditions agreed from the beginning while they are signing up in our app.

Definitely, our app called ‘ I am Dubai ‘, I wanted all members to feel they own the app while they saying ‘i am’ it gives them inspiration of owning the app and ‘Dubai’ belongs to the city where’s the app, as we are opening in more countries soon so more apps will be named belong to the country, as it’s easy to be remembered and advertised.

The main challenge I faced and I think a lot of entrepreneurs face when they first start out is not being taken seriously. As you can imagine a twenty five years old (the age I started my business) telling well known Restaurants & Brands to signup in my new project may not always go well for an app may not be taken seriously. 

The biggest challenge I face now is obscurity. Remember I am on a mission to inspire others to reach their true potential. If no one knows me I can’t fulfill that mission.